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Planning an Alaska cruise vacation can seem like a daunting task at the beginning.

My goal for this site is to provide the most in-depth Alaska cruise information that you’ll find anywhere, along with some great cruise tips to help you in planning your Alaska vacation, everything from what to pack to what to see.

Alaska Cruise Information
An Amazing Alaska Cruise

Alaska cruising is growing rapidly in popularity because it is, quite simply, a blast. It’s hard to find anyone that didn’t love their vacation to Alaska. Even those who were dragged on the trip by an enthusiastic spouse, family member, or friend seem to fall in love with the place on their trip, despite any initial hesitations they may have had.

And from the first day you arrive in the Inside Passage, it’s immediately obvious why everyone has been raving about this place. It’s beauty pretty much defies explanation, and no still photos or video footage come close to doing it justice.

No, to really appreciate the beauty and mystique of Alaska, you have to go there yourself and experience the majestic landscape in person.

Planning an Alaskan cruise vacation

Whether you start cruising Alaska in the north, at one of the ports near Anchorage, or in the south, in either Vancouver or Seattle (some cruises also sail from San Francisco), you’re bound to have an incredible time on an Alaskan cruise.

What makes these Inside Passage cruises so special and so fun? For one thing, the scenery is beyond belief.

Starting with the pristine temperate rain forests of Washington State and British Columbia, your cruise takes you past picturesque islands, both large (like Vancouver Island) and small.

The wildlife all along your glacier viewing cruise is incredible, and it is common to spot humpback whales and Orca swimming along beside the ship.

The scenery just keeps getting better as you go along the Inside Passage, until you are traveling down steep, lush fjords adorned with waterfalls and abutted by vast glaciers at their ends.

Romantic Alaska cruises

The truth of the matter is, the scenery in the Inside Passage is not only breathtaking but also incredibly romantic, which is why Alaska is growing in popularity as a honeymoon destination.

Then the fjords give way to even taller coastal peaks further north, near Glacier Bay, where mountains rise dramatically up some 15,000-20,000 feet from the inlets below, providing for some truly jaw-dropping scenery.

The small cities and towns along the way provide both local color and a rich history dating back to the Gold Rush and even before that, to the era of Russian control.

The ports also provide plenty of local maritime culture, from the native tribes to the fishermen and local artisans – there is much to see and experience culturally along your cruise.

It’s all about the glaciers

Of course, while the cities and towns might be incredibly quaint, and the rain forest is beautiful, even mysterious, the real reason most people travel to Alaska is to see the amazing glaciers, up close and personal.

The glaciers truly are a highlight of every cruise – no where else will you see such vast and amazing glaciers as the “calve” of break off chunks into steel-blue pristine waters.

It’s a sight you will never forget.

The sooner you start planning your Alaska cruise, the better your chances of booking your ideal itinerary. In fact, cheap Alaskan cruises can be found, but it takes careful planning and often a bit of flexibility.

To find out how the various Alaska cruise lines are rated, click here.

Cruises now cater to people of all ages, including families with children, who now make up a healthy portion of Alaska cruise passengers. In addition, Christian cruises to Alaska are also available.

So get to work investigating your trip to Alaska, cruise or no cruise, , and use this site as a resource – one filled with Alaska cruise information and important cruise tips to help you plan every facet of your vacation and find the best Alaskan cruise for you.

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Sherry Mathers November 1, 2011 at 8:56 pm

I am hoping to get some money soon and would love to send my Dad and his wife on a wonderful Alaska Cruise. Is there some info that can be mailed to me about different cruises available?


Tom Fuszard December 31, 2011 at 11:01 pm

You have some beautiful scenery up there. I hope someday to travel to Alaska, both on land and via a cruise.


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