Take an Alaska Cruise from Vancouver

This is a guide to planning an Alaska cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia.

While an increasing number of cruises depart from Seattle, the majority of Alaska cruises still either start out of Vancouver or end there.

Alaska Cruise from Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

It is a truly beautiful city in one of the most magnificent settings of any major metropolis.

I really love Vancouver and the whole Pacific Northwest.

The towns and islands surrounding the city offer plenty to see in their own right.

You might want to allow an extra day or two before or after your Alaska cruise from Vancouver to check out some of the attractions in southern British Columbia.

Victoria on Vancouver Island, located off the coast from the city, makes a wonderful day trip.

The British colonial architecture and beautiful island setting make Victoria well worth the visit. I’ve also found the people on the island to be very warm and friendly.

There is also much to see and do back on the mainland. The summer is the dry season, so there is a good chance you will have a perfect sunny day and comfortably warm temperatures to enjoy the city and its amazing surroundings.

  • The Vancouver Aquarium is Canada‚Äôs largest aquarium, with a wonderful collection of Pacific sea life
  • Granville Island has the best shopping in downtown Vancouver, with a farmers market and dozens of stores and artists galleries.
  • H.R. MacMillan Space Centreincludes a planetarium, observatory, and exhibits on space travel and astronomy.
  • The Vancouver Maritime Museum, the principal maritime museum on the Pacific Coast of Canada.
  • The Vancouver Museum has been the top museum in Vancouver for over 100 years. Includes displays covering local history and cultures.
  • The Museum of Anthropology houses one of the world’s finest displays of Northwest Coast First Nations art.

In addition, there are local bay cruises, city walks, and endless opportunities for hiking.

The Vancouver International Airport is a beautiful, modern facility. The airport is about a 40 minute ride from the Alaska Cruise/Vancouver Ship Terminal.

Most cruise lines offer transfers to and from the airport (usually for an added fee), but always double check to make sure that transfers have been included in your package.

If you would like more detailed information on this beautiful city, check out this great site on Vancouver travel.

An Alaska cruise from Vancouver is an excellent way to discover the wonders of the Northwest, and it is likely to be a trip you will never forget.

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Lorinda April 23, 2012 at 10:33 pm

If i plan a cruise May6-13 or May13-20,2012.What temperatures are we looking at durning the day and at night?Is it a wet cold or a dry cold?Is it rainy season?Is this a good time for a cruise?or should i wait till July or August?


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